The BASICS of Balloon Twisting

The following videos have been provided to give you the fundamentals and basics of balloon twisting. They are ideal for any person who has never twisted a balloon before and teach you the different types of basic balloon twists as follows:


1. The Lock Twist



2. How to twist the BASIC balloon dog

This clip will show you how to use the lock twist to make a basic balloon dog.


3. The Loop Twist


4. The 3-bubble Roll-through (also known as the bird body)


5. The Pinch-twist or Ear-twist


6. How to spiral a balloon


7. How to bend a balloon



Once you've mastered the basics of balloon twisting, try my free balloon twisting instructions for more 'advanced' sculptures' that use more than one balloon and incorporate different types of balloon twists.


If you've enjoyed the detail provided in my online instructional clips, then you would love the detailed instructions for an additional 14 multiple balloon twisted creations that I sell for only $15. Click on the button below and I'll email them straight away



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