EXCELLENT Balloon Twisting Instructions

> You can purchase an electronic copy of more of my balloon twisting instructions for 15 of my favourite multiple balloon twisted creations for only $15 - all guaranteed to impress children and adults alike! Sculptures are shown below.


> My instructions are in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) and include detailed instructions with over 500 colour photos (see photos below).


> All my sculptures require the long twisty balloons (called 260Q) and 5-inch round balloons. Check out my Balloon Sales if you require the balloons and twisting accessories as well.


> If you like my instructions and would like all 15 amazing sculptures, please click the button below and Iíll email you a copy of my instructions straight away.


> Here are some snapshots of some of the creations you can easily make from my detailed balloon twisting instructions



Balloon Gun / Revolver Instructions 

Get the Instructions instantly for this realistic Balloon Gun / Revolver for only $1.10. (You will be given a link to the instructions on the Paypal website immediately after payment - just click on the link that says 'Back to info@balloontwisting.com.au)


This is the most realistic and proportionate Balloon Gun ever made in under 2 minutes!

My detailed balloon instructions have over 60 colour photos and explanations that you can download immediately for only $1.10. You can make this balloon gun for line work and it will literally 'blow' your audience away with how realistic it looks and feels (and you can make it from 2 balloons!) Exact proportions are given in my instructions with photos.



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